Software Development

We make use of .NET, MySQL and Java frameworks software development approach to calibrate to the project requirements as we take into account a number of factors including client’s business targets, technology, providing platform, collaborated teamwork, testing approaches and the time span to market. We work in proximity to our customers throughout the entire SDLC assuring that our work will transcend your business to the next level.

Software Development: Different businesses have varied unique requirements. Our bespoke service not only meets your needs but will also ace your expectations. By comprehending your business needs, taking account of each requirement in detail through interactions, documenting it and then transforming these requirements into software features and then finally into a complete software service that is fully tailored for meeting your business needs, we fine-tune our services and approach.

App Development

Today’s ventures demand complex business solutions, each of which must be developed, connected, and managed across users, devices, operating systems, and locations, online and offline. iMinds Consulting amalgamates industry-best practices for performance, infrastructure, and user experience to help your project succeed. We specialize in delivering custom application development solutions that can automate your business processes and provide greater return-on-technology investments. iMinds Consulting renders expertise in designing and development. Apps today work in a constantly changing environment that is affected and at times even controlled by various external and internal parameters. Our fool-proof architecture, security, and usability experience play a significant role here to keep you on par with the competitors.

Content management system

We deliver effective enterprise Content Management System (CMS) solutions that provide increased flexibility and consistency, improved customer service, and time and money savings. If you are looking for high-level strategic thinking or you are looking for experts to manage the details of complex integration projects, iMinds Consulting will muck in. Our content management can help you to speed up to plan an action focused on using our existing resources in achieving quick setup and return on investment with substantial results and meeting your targets. By streamlining content-related production and processes, we help you to cut costs in a compelling way and increase your productivity. We work with the amalgamation of systems to facilitate the creation of fresh content and supply easy access to and retrieval of existing digital assets from varied enterprise tools such as CRM, ERP document management software or legacy apps. iMinds WordPress Developers also specialize in building websites and CMS in the WordPress framework.